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Sol Domus, Inc. is certified by the State of Wyoming and proud to say they are CARF accredited. (CARF is the highest accreditation you can receive in the Developmental Disabilities field.)

*Transportation is always provided at no cost.


Residential Habilitation

Day Habilitation

Respite/Personal Care

Habilitation Equipment (New)

Skilled Nursing


Sol Domus day-hab does a variety of activities from crafts, supported employment, community volunteering. At the day-hab, we have individual rooms where two persons served and one staff will work on projects. We have one computer room, several programming, exercise room, paper shredding room, game room, music room, reading room, kitchen, three dining areas and a skilled nursing area. Along with a conference room and several offices.

Sol Domus 3rd St. group home is a family setting home with eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, spacious living area, accessible kitchen and laundry room. The group home is centrally located with easy access to the community. Each person served has a private 12x24 bedroom. Bedrooms are decorated by persons served and their families to reflect the likings or interests of the person served. They share a large bathroom with one other person served, each having their own vanity with a spacious linen closet. Each bathroom has an extra large roll-in shower.  It also has spacious garage for storage.

We also have the Daisy Dr. group home which has four bedrooms, two living areas, and a wonderful kitchen.  It includes a wheelchair ramp.

Our newest home is the Nutwood Home.  It is also a four bedroom home, with 3 bathrooms, 2 living areas, and a very nice kitchen and dining area.  It also includes a wheelchair ramp and a shed for storage. 

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