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WELCOME!! We are happy to welcome you to the Sol Domus, Inc. Our Programs offer you the opportunity to live with and socialize with other people in a comfortable setting in your community. While you are in a SDI program, you will learn lots of things that will help you to become as independent as possible.


What do I need to bring when I move in?

Each SDI home has all the furniture and supplies you will need, except for personal items. You will need to bring your own bedroom furniture and any other personal items you may want with you. You will need to bring all your own bedding, towels. Computers, stereos and radios are items that many people bring with them to the group home. And of course you will want to bring your own clothes and personal grooming items. Who is responsible for fixing the meals, cleaning the house, and doing some yard work? You will be responsible for helping to fix your meals and keeping the inside and outside of your home clean and neat. Sometimes you will be able to do only a small part of these chores, but we ask that you help out as much as you can. Of course there will be staff to assist you with anything you may need help with.


Do I have transportation to and from my work, school or day program?

If you work, you will either take public transportation or Sol Domus will take you in a van or bus. If you are in a day program, Sol Domus will take you one way.


Can I have visitors, get mail and use the telephone?

You can send and receive mail whenever you like. The mail carrier will bring your mail directly to Sol Domus mail boxes. You may ask for help in opening it and reading it if you want. You can use the phone when you want but we request you limit your calls to five minutes in case there were an emergency and someone needs to get through to SDI. Your family and guardians can visit you at any time. They will probably want to call first to make sure that you will be at home. Friends, boyfriends/girlfriends may be allowed to visit the group home due but you must follow the house rules. This means you must leave your bedroom door open at all times and there will be no sexual activity allowed in the bedroom or the group home. If you choose to not follow the rules your visitor will be asked to leave and may not return to the group home without the permission of the director of SDI. If you would like to date it will be the responsibility of your guardian to supervise your activities in the community. Sol Domus willnot be responsible for incidents that may happen while you are dating. This responsibility is left to your guardian.


Can I leave for daytime and/or overnight visits?

Yes…as long as you arrange these visits beforehand with your family/guardians and Sol Domus staff. If you were gone and we did not know where you were, it would cause a lot of worry and problems. Activities such as visiting your friends, dating, going shopping, or just going out for a walk you need to let the Sol Domus staff know, that way no one will worry.Curfew will be left to you and your guardian. Again, dating will be the responsibility of your guardian.


Do I have to pay for something if I break it?

If you break something on purpose that belongs to SDI or to someone else, then you will have to either fix it or pay for it. If you accidentally break something, Sol Domus will pay for it. What about holidays? Sol Domus homes are always staffed during holiday and vacations. Many people choose to spend holidays with their families, but if this isn’t what you want to do, the home will have staff who will celebrate the holidays with you. Typically SDI day programs are closed on major holidays. Will I be able to go to church? If you wish to go to a church, synagogue, or other place of worship, be sure to bring this up at your first IPC meeting so we can plan for transportation and staff.


What can I do in my spare time?

Everyone in the home and at the day program plans recreational activities for each week at your weekly meeting, so be sure to talk about anything you would like to do when your home or day program is planning activities. Some examples of activities that persons served of Sol Domus can do are shopping, going out to eat, going to movies, picnics, bowling, out of town trips, etc.


Are there any rules here? What are they?

Each program has its own “rules” that are made by the people that participate in SDI programs, together with the Sol Domus staff. For the most part, house rules make sure that people are courteous to one another and use polite behaviors. A staff person will go over house rules with you when you are ready to participate in SDI programs.


Do I have to pay to live in a group home?

If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), it will be used to pay for your room and board. If you do not receive SSI you will have to find a source that will pay for your room and board. If for some reason you have to be away from the group home for a period of time you will have to continue to pay room and board in order for Sol Domus to hold your room for you.


What about taking medication?

Some people who participate in Sol Domus programs take medications. If you are able to take medication by yourself, a staff person will check to make sure it is taken according to your doctor’s instructions. Most people who live in Sol Domus homes need help in taking their medications, and staff will always be there to supervise, assist and help you.


What kind of behavior will get me into trouble?

Any time you hurt yourself, another person served, or a staff person, it is considered inappropriate behavior. It is also inappropriate to damage someone else’s belongings or the Sol Domus property. It is also unacceptable to take property that does not belong to you. If you steal from another person served or SDI your parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. If you act like this, your IPC team will meet to talk about what everyone can do to help you control this type of behavior. Also, at your IPC meeting we will develop a Behavior Plan to fit your needs.

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